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My love for Craig Slocum began when I saw him on Dark Shadows reruns, 2 years ago. I first saw him as Noah Gifford in the 1795 Flashback, then later as Harry Johnson. That's when I really noticed him. I like everything about Craig Slocum. He fascinates me so much. I could watch and listen to him all day. I love his handsome good looks, red hair, brown eyes, cute boyish face, and his 5'11", 150 pound body. I think even the scars on his face are sexy. He has a soft sweet voice. I felt really bad when I found out he died so young. Sometimes I have grief over him, and I cry for him. I never got to meet him. He is sorely missed. He had Type 1 Diabetes, and died of insulin shock on September 12, 1978. He was 43 years old. I was only 14. I was a child when he was on Dark Shadows, and still a child when he died. How sad. I created an online memorial for him at Find A Grave. com, and I hope to find the missing information I need to complete it. I don't know where his grave is. I would like to visit him at least once, and add a photo of the grave to his online memorial. I have a personalized memorial photo album for him. It is made of wood with a rosewood finish, the album features a pewter angel-accented inscription plate with Psalms 91:11, For He Will Give His Angels Charge Concerning You, To Guard You In All Your Ways. Craig Slocum's name, birth and death dates are carved in the wood, 11-14-1934 -- 9-12-1978. Having died from diabetes, ironically Craig's birthday, November 14th is World Diabetes Day, a date chosen to commemorate the birthday of Frederick Banting, CO-discoverer of insulin as the treatment for diabetes. Amazing! I honored Craig at the Annual Tree Of Memory Lighting Service at Palm Mortuaries in Las Vegas, NV on December 14, 2000. Program participants are invited to make a donation to one of three local charities in the name of a loved one. Each donor receives an ornament engraved with the name of his or her loved one. The ornaments are then displayed on trees at two Palm Mortuary sites. The ornament I hung for Craig, is a wreath with a dove in the center. It is made out of brass. Craig Slocum 1978 is engraved at the bottom. His name was listed in the service program book, and in the Christmas edition of the Las Vegas Review Journal. The mortuary ran a double page newspaper advertisement, listing the names of all those remembered. I wear memorial jewelry at the Dark Shadows Festival, a Memorial Tear - features a teardrop to be worn in memory of someone loved. There is a rose inside as a symbol of the love that never dies. I also wear a Diabetes Awareness Ribbon. At home, I have an area where I display photos of Craig, along with other things like the photo album, ornament, prayer cards, etc. There is a Memorial Rose. It features gold plated leaves, a striking enameled flower and a rhinestone center. Also, there is a real rose that was dipped and covered in 24 ct. gold. They are beautiful. I have Mr. Slocum's personal resume that he hand wrote on, hanging in a special frame. I wonder what he would think if he knew his personal resume is hanging on a wall in somebody's Dark Shadows collection in 2001. I also have a wall clock, pocket watch, wrist watch, and t-shirts with his pictures on them. I light a candle for him at night. When I was in New York for the Dark Shadows Festival 2001, I stopped by his old residence where he lived before he died. It was nice to see where he lived. I took some pictures of the building. It was a now old, but still impressive looking building in an area that I was told by a native New Yorker, where quite a few actors and producers still live. I support the cause for helping to find a cure for diabetes in memory of Craig Slocum. I am a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation member. I participate in the Annual Walk To Cure Diabetes. I also attend an Annual Health And Diabetes Festival. I read up on diabetes and try to learn as much as I can about it. I never knew how serious the disease was until I learned that Craig Slocum died from it. That's what prompted me to get involved. I would enjoy hearing from any fans of his, and anybody that ever met him at the Dark Shadows studio, or saw him in any plays or other films. I am thankful for Craig's work on Dark Shadows. He is loved, missed, and honored. I pray that his spirit is happy and at peace with God. I hope to see him someday beyond that far horizon in the sweet by and by.

With Love,
Cheryl Singletary

In Memoriam
Craig Slocum
1934 - 1978

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Noah Gifford in the 1795 Flashback.

Craig Slocum in a love scene on MST3K SHORTS VOL. 3, "Is This Love?"

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